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Kraft Rejects up to 85% of Ad Impressions

Director of Data says it is doubling-down on primary data An industry troubling, data-driven commentary by Kraft Foods on the state of the data-driven ad industry. Kraft got serious about its ad buys and finds that only about 14% of impressions offered by third party ad networks are accurate. In vetting the ad networks’ data 75-85% […]

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Do You Know VRM?

You might think VRM is your company’s process or tech system for managing the contracting and invoicing of vendors, contractors, or outsources.  VRM does indeed stand for “vendor relationship management.” But what I’m talking about today is customers having just such tools for managing purchases from you.  You are their vendor, after all. As marketers […]

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Why a Marketer Cares Deeply About Privacy

Privacy and security are the drivers of better tools for customers. It is driving the development of VRM tools. And these will change how we market.

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One Password to Access Them All

LastPass encrypts and vaults all your passwords so you only have to remember one. No more unsafe postie notes hanging around. No more insecure logins while using public wi-fi.

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Hotel Rates Based on the Digital You

  If you’ve got the profile then you get the discounts. Hotelied matches your social media data and your travel programs to hotel partners’ customer criteria. The rates you are offered are based on the kind of traveler you are and who you are connected to.  

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