Business is a Human Endeavor

In our great, wide and exceptional marketing quest we overlook that we touch, move, and impact a human being.

Every day some new channel is being handed us, giving us “reach” beyond what our brain can truly absorb. So, people become “mass” and insight moves toward to “big data.”

But the most human moment in business is when one person looks you in the eye, takes a leap and decides to trust you enough to buy.

Our quest is for scale. But action is so very individual.


When we communicate from a position of distance those we seek to attract, those we ask to act, easily flee.

When our habit is to communicate and strategize from a distance, we lose our resonance, our meaning drains away, noise easily intrudes, we struggle to make a connection, we forget to be useful. We forget the experience.

Let’s ask. “Why Facebook?

The People of Facebook say “friends,” “watching,” “talking,” and “fun.”

In other words:
to belong; to be seen, to not be invisible; to connect; and to celebrate.

Marketers at a distance say: “it’s BIG;” “engagement;” “content;” “analytics;” and “advertising.”

In other words:
market access, reaction, consumption, metrics, and eyeballs looking salesward.

I wish our universal answer as marketers was: “to understand the culture of Facebook so we can be useful to our customers there for connecting, being seen, and celebrating.”

It’s what they do there. It’s what they need there.

Very human.  Very business.

photo credit:
Cliff1066: Last Conversation Piece, Juan Munoz

Why Do People Use Facebook? Boston University Department of Psychiatry, 
Nadkami and Hofmann. (full text $31.50)

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