This is my place to come to remember.  Not the past, but that inside all our brilliant technology are people.  Often invisible, but present and who want and need connection.  I want to understand how to make us visible and to connect through our media.

Media will always be a channel.  Tributary rivers through which news and gossip, awe-inspiring newborn pictures, grief-filled memorials, identity performances, family histories, sales, cat videos, brand-puffing and celebrity-making, wishes and desires, greetings and long goodbyes, bold promotion, tentative creativity, sarcasm and wit, and invisible tears flow.

It is the real-time archaeology of our culture.

Media is a place to come to hang out; to feel a belonging; to find answers in each other; a home for all who feel alone; a fluid village, but one to count on.  It is a place to come to laugh and to grieve; to see self more clearly; to change the world; to leave a legacy; to find some meaning; to find diversion or stay connected when the world under our hands and feet is turning liquid.

I want to remind myself, and you too if you like, that the screen is a method of communication among people. That interaction among them is shaped by the place and its myths, not only by the features and functions available to them there.  To them the screen is mirror and window, not merely consumption surface. They are supremely aware of what is communicated in every social signal sent by each social action there.  And that what happens to them “in here” has an outcome that spans to ”out there.”

I want to remind us that behind the “engagement outcome” we seek are people who are very mindful of who they are, who “sees” them, how and to whom they are connected.  They are deliberate.  They are fastidiously grooming their own reputation strategies.  And there are those who are left out even as they express themselves.   They are invisible because the network decides who is visible and why they should be visible.

That “big data” matters because, if we let it, it can teach us to give people what they truly need: to be “seen;” to be respected as an individual.

This is my channel and my place to remember that these two things are as liquid as the people I wish to connect with.  Our channels are places and our places are channels.  Their meaning resides in connecting to and attracting each other while flowing through them.

Welcome.  Stay and chat with me.

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