I’m an observer who loves opening eyes and shaping ideas into modern business strategies.

I study people, digital culture, societal trends, technology, user design, beautiful communication, data, business processes. I tend to write and speak to think about the interchange of these.  I’m happiest when exchanging insights on these topics with executives, practitioners and, hopefully, you.  Well…and also when I’m cooking and sharing the fruits of the labor.

Online, you’ll find me in many and various places, often in the guise of my alter-ego, Znetlady.  She is me and I am her. I’m a listener. I spend time in dozens of online networks to deeply understand them and the people who inhabit them.  Each has its own purpose, myths and culture and therefore its own appeal. My aim to interpret them for myself and my clients.

I use social media for my own purposes, and rarely conform to the “how to” zeitgeist of the moment. Please don’t expect that in my digital footprints.  That just isn’t me. I do wholeheartedly invite you to connect with me there.

I am a liquid being, as so many of us are in modern culture.  My online identity is always evolving – an idea around which much of my thinking and consulting orbits, by the way.  On this site I’m periodically archiving some 10 past years of digital ink spots that are important to me, letting the rest go into the big Way Back Machine in the cloud.

Professionally, I modernize brand and marketing communications. As our tools have changed, so have we humans. I help clients find business value in social and digital media. The outcome is connecting with and attracting people. I believe business is a very human endeavor.

Znetlady: Digital Linda Zimmer

Znetlady: Digital Linda Zimmer

In my day job, I am president and CEO of modern media consultancy, MarCom:Interactive.  I’ve been applying digital communication to business and marketing for 25+ years (yes, that is possible).  I sit on the nonprofit board of directors for AccessOC, and am on the advisory board of Web Wise Kids.

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