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It’s Sociology, Not Technology

My story began with a second of silence (to respect what came next) and then I began quietly, ”Something has changed.” [Roll images: 2005 London bombings.]

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Deb Morris - Bejeweled

Modern People Are Liquid

We are becoming more liquid as humans. Intuition tells us that fluidity is a natural consequence of living digitally.  We are less fixed by time or in space. The places we inhabit are as often as “unreal” as they are physical. We flow between them without effort. But” being liquid” reaches far beyond virtuality.  It […]

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Medium of the Singular Mind: Fake Places, Distributed Selves, Real People

We are collectively on a quest for something “real” in a thoroughly market-contrived world.  This quest takes us into “unreal” places. These unreal places actually only exist somewhere in our minds and imaginations.   There is no one physical Facebook “place” we all gather.  It is a digital commons.  But what it is, where it […]

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