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General Mills Unlikes Its New Legal Terms

They roll back website legal terms after customers express outrage There are many fascinating things about General Mills’ PR headache of the last week and there are lessons to be learned. In a blog post announcing they are rolling back changes to their website legal terms, they seem baffled by the uproar their new legal […]

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Last Conversation Piece

Engaging Introverts in Social Media: Four Strategies that Skirt Extrovert Bias

Social media is over-the-top biased toward extroverts. So it’s not surprising that nearly every social media strategy and its popular metrics focus on capturing extroverted behaviors.  But that also means that by ignoring strategies that engage introverts, you are leaving a lot of value sitting on the digital table. Few organizations design social programs to […]

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Sirens Photo by Mike Licht

The Call of the Siren Servers: Content Marketing

Jaron Lanier calls them the Siren Servers.  Our social nets, search engines, sharing apps.  They implore us to build our digital doubles, bit by lowly bit, seducing us to invest ever more time and resources into creating more and more data. The Sirens’ voices form visions of Visibility, Celebrity, Business Opportunity or maybe even Fame […]

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Visibility Landscape Illustration

The Visibility Manifesto

Some of us crave visibility. Some of us, by habit or by choice, make ourselves as invisible as possible. And there are many who have no choice of, or capacity for, being visibile.

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Golden mask

Visibility is Currency

Visibility is modern-day currency.

To be visible is the capacity to garner resources, to have a voice, to be alive and connected, to have choices, to gain power or to exercise it. Visibility validates us, our humanness.

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