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Cluster Photo by Kurt Hentschläger

The Visible Commons is Not the Public Commons

To participate in the privileges of the Public Commons of The Network, we make ourselves visible. Together we share a “Visible Commons” where we, and what we visibly create, are visible to each other.

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Assemblages are the Postmodern Story

There’s a problem with all this talk of “content” in my mind.  It’s contained.  It’s boxed.  It is boundaried, even though we can unlock it from its containers in all our glorious socialness. It’s created for distribution along or in specific channels.  The format of our “content” must fit (conform) to the media (platform).  Text […]

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Social Media Behavior: 90% Chimp and 10% Bee

So those ever-popular contests may actually be working against your community’s best interests.

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Virtual Spaces as Third Places

We all know that Starbucks’ Howard Shultz popularized the concept of “third place” in marketing, but Ray Oldenburg literally wrote the book (or more accurately the books), “The Great Good Place.” Oldenburg argues for the importance of places outside the workplace and the home for people to gather informally to socialize – a “third place.”  He concludes that third places […]

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It’s Sociology, Not Technology

My story began with a second of silence (to respect what came next) and then I began quietly, ”Something has changed.” [Roll images: 2005 London bombings.]

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