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Deb Morris - Bejeweled

Modern People Are Liquid

We are becoming more liquid as humans. Intuition tells us that fluidity is a natural consequence of living digitally.  We are less fixed by time or in space. The places we inhabit are as often as “unreal” as they are physical. We flow between them without effort. But” being liquid” reaches far beyond virtuality.  It […]

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A Modern Rockwell

The irony is too delicious. It’s startling. It’s real. It’s so modern.

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A Sad, Sordid Brand Affair

I just wanted to crawl inside my sweater for her. In that “I’m so sorry you are in pain right now, and please, god, never, ever let this happen to me” kind of way.

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Business is a Human Endeavor

In our great, wide and exceptional marketing quest we overlook that we touch, move, and impact a human being. But the most human moment in business is when one person looks you in the eye, takes a leap and decides to trust you enough to buy.

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Monarch Migration: Sonia Altizer

We Invest Only in Change

Liquid beings travel light, take flight as needed, rest only for an instant.

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